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Padus for the environment it's a division of Padus allestimenti Srl dedicated to the environmental evaluation and the sanitation services.

The current sanitary emergency is making sanitizing accurately the urban spaces and the workspaces a need.

Moreover, to guarantee adequate protection for the environment, it is necessary that the sanitizing process is efficient and long-lasting, to limit the diffusion of the ongoing pandemic and to make Italy take off again as soon as possible.

We of Padus have decided to support REair, a fully Italian and environmentally friendly product that sanitizes without provoking any damage to the ecosystem where we live and that we love so much.



What is REair?

REair after years of scientific experimentation, conducted in collaboration with the most important Italian Universities, has developed an innovative and patented product for the treatment of internal and external surfaces.

The REair formula creates a superficial and active coating that guarantees important benefits for the environment, intended for the drastic reduction of the toxic pollution and the sanitization of the environment, with a new approach based on nanotechnologies and on the photocatalytic process, able to degrade harmful microorganisms such as microbes and bacterias.


REair is capable of assuring a sanitized process on a physical basis, environmentally friendly, and with levels of efficiency lasting overtime, important aspects considering the needs of maintaining the healthiness of the environments overtime, without recurring on continuous measures of disinfection.

The product is composed of
photosensitive molecules that, once hit by the light ( natural or artificial) and in contact with the humidity of the air are activated, accelerating the decomposition of the nocive organic substances found in the environment..

What do we do?

Our division Padus per l'Ambiente is certificated by REair for the selling, the analysis, and the installation of the products. We perform together with the client an environmental and an organic pollution analysis, before and after the treatment, to measure all the organic volatile and deposited components. At the end of the treatment, we will release the client a report with all the collected data.

Our service is addressed for a professional user, with furniture and installation but also for a private user, for whom it's also available a version of the product for domestic use.

We operate in Italy, Europe and Emirates.

Extraordinary sanitizing power

REair leads to an high reduction of harmful microorganisms in a short period of time.

Reduces environmental

REair promotes the breakdown of harmful organic substances that are present in the environment.

Reduces mold and
bad odours

REair removes mold, prevents the formation and reduces bad odours effectively.

It is activated by 


REair is composed of photosensitive mole-cules activated by  being hit by light and air. 


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